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Antonioni Estates is a high-energy firm led by me, Natasha Antonioni, a top-producing REALTOR® and interior designer. who is passionate about luxury homes, investment properties, and merchandising real estate for maximum return. I'm not just a Realtor; I am an Intentional Designer passionately committed to transforming lives by transforming spaces. My journey into Intentional Design began with a realization: your home should reflect your values, joy and aspirations.

For me, real estate is not merely about selling properties; it's about creating spaces that enrich and fulfill lives. I love to blend the art of Intentional Design with real estate. I believe that a home, thoughtfully designed and staged, does more than just appeal to the eye—it connects with potential buyers on a deeper level and enhances the property's value.

My approach is defined by a deep commitment to my clients. I take the time to truly understand their dreams and goals, integrating my philosophy of Intentional Design into every step of their journey. My clients don't just find properties; they discover homes that resonate with their very essence. 

If you're looking for more than a house—if you're searching for a home that feels like an extension of who you are—I'm here to help. I'm dedicated to helping you find not just the perfect living space, but a path to personal transformation and fulfillment. Let's embark on this journey together. Your dream home is not just a possibility; it's a reality that's within reach.

Selling A Home?

Natasha is an expert at staging and marketing, so you can feel confident that what you have invested in your property will pay dividends.

Buying A Home?

Find your ideal home and Natasha will negotiate the best price for you.

Our Design Approach

We provide beauty and meaning to your home. Natasha will work with you to define and incorporate intentional moments of beauty, joy, and whimsy to add significance to your space. Natasha will transform your home into your ideal living environment filled with purpose.

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  • The Barkers

    “She was extremely knowledgeable in all the avenues related to our situation, and was never too busy to meet with us or answer any questions. Highly recommended!”

  • The Biggs

    “She worked tirelessly with us to get the house staged beautifully and on the market quickly with several open houses lined up immediately. She's one of a kind!”

  • The Gospords

    “No matter the snag that arose along the way she was very professional in working it all out for our best. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable.”

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For Antonioni Estates, residential real estate is about more than just finding a house to live in. It’s about building a lifestyle in the right home and community for you and your family.

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