Austin Pros and Cons

Thinking of checking out Austin? Living in Austin, TX has a ton of benefits over other smaller cities AND over the large ones too. Believe me, I've lived in a few. This video gives you more reasons to love it here...

You'll definitely find more pros than cons but if you need a couple here they are:

1. Traffic is increasing with all the folks moving here.
2. Lack of public transportation.

But not to worry, watch the vid to hear how we make up for it with tons of things to L O V E!

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Hey there. I'm Natasha Antonioni. I'm a Realtor here in Austin. And if you're just coming in to check it out, if you're new to town, and you're kind of curious, stick around because I got some stuff for you. Today, we're going to talk about what I love about this town. There's something different about it here. It's more like a Colorado vibe than an LA vibe. I lived in Los Angeles for 13 years. I love fine dining. I love beautifully designed spaces. I really feel like this is a town where you can live your dream.

The history of this town, it used to be tons of hippie communes. It was like communes galore. And that kind of open-minded hippy mindset has really set the tone.

Also with Austin being a university town, university of Texas- there's this young, vibrant spirited energy. That meets tech- we have Google here now, we have Facebook moving in. We have Apple building out their billion dollar campus. We have hotels going up- new restaurants. If you're a foodie, we're a food nation. There are at least seven spots around town where it's all these food trucks. There's a smoothie, food trucks, green trucks, Korean trucks. There's everything that you can think of. It's also the live music capital of America. And let me tell you that vibrant energy really hits the streets and you feel it.

It is a good life. I am blown away by how much I have fallen in love with this place. First of all, it's bigger in Texas. I sold my million-dollar townhouse and traded it for on a 3,800 square foot house, a pool and half an acre for my kids and my dogs to run and play. Like- really? Wow, thank you. One of the other awesome things is that it's an outdoorsy culture here. Take a walk around Lady Bird Lake, wonderful for paddle boarding and canoeing. There's Barton Springs, which is clear and fresh. We have Zilker Park. And people who are dog lovers will appreciate that your dog can be off leash. No one cares. Which brings me to the friendliness of this town. People are just kind of more chill, but they're well put together. So I love that lack of pretentiousness.

They really want to know who you are. They don't care like who you've been or what you've accomplished. They're just all about kind of getting to know you. Everything is just easier here from the food shopping to picking someone up at the airport, to going to the mall with your kids. Check out my other video on family fun activities and I'll give you a list of things that you can do with the kids as well. Well, I'm so grateful that you found me here on this sea of YouTubers. I'm always happy to help in any way. My hashtag is #liveyourdreamalready. From being an entrepreneur or to just living your best life. If you liked this video and you want to learn more about all things, hip cool happening family, and design-related in Austin, then hit that subscribe button. We'll be putting out videos every week. And we look forward to seeing you back here.
Don't forget to live your dream already.

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